2013 Hellboy – Hellgirl

For Ikkicon, Austin TX’s Anime and Pop Culture Convention we decided to do a mix of comic and video game characters. We really wanted to challenge ourselves and begin making big props.

The reason I picked Hellgirl is because I love Guillermo del Toro, and I love the comic. My favorite interpretation of Hellboy is from the films Guillermo del Toro created so I wanted to take the challenge of making a female version of Hellboy. I can identify with his character because of how out of place he felt. I also wanted to do a character that would challenge me in a way to push my skills to the next level without attempting something too advanced too fast.

For the horns I ended up running a wire through paper cups. I then bent the wire to the curve I wanted, and added aluminum foil all around the horns. Once I finished this I duck taped the entire thing, and got some Window and Door foam to spray the horns and carve out the shape. I then used plaster to make them a bit tougher and hand painted them. To attach them to my head I had to make sure they would be secured from three points on my head, as well as, bobby pin them down to my wig so they would stay.

The Hand of Doom took me almost a week.  I ended up buying insulating foam and cutting it into rings to create the right diameter for my arm and stacked them for the length. I drilled a hole to place a wooden stick where I would hold the hand, and glued it down. So they wouldn’t look awkward I ended up using drywall until the surface was smooth. I then covered the hole and created the hand and fingers out of foam as well. Once everything was glued and settled I paper clayed the entire thing, carved the designs into the arm, and finished it up with a nice hand painting job. Although, it was hard work I was rather proud I was able to pull it off.

The gun is still a work in progress. I wasn’t too happy with the end result because I did run out of time, but I will be posting more once it is re-created. For the makeup all I will say is I woke up at 6 in the morning and didn’t finish makeup until 9.

I was able to get photos taken by Lavelle Photography and he did an amazing job lighting up my red skin!

Hell Girl

Hell Girl

This one was taken on my iPhone5.



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