2012 Disney Princess Steampunk – Snow White

We attended Aetherfest in 2012, which is a Steampunk Convention in San Antonio, TX. We decided to go with the theme of Disney Princesses. Our entire group loves Disney and we wanted the challenge of re-creating those bright dresses into something you could have seen in a neo-victorian steampunk era.

I personally went with Snow White because she holds a special place in my heart. I’m a huge fan of Walt Disney, I think he was an amazing man who went on to create a huge empire when most told him he would never make it. If it wasn’t for Snow White there would be no Disney Princess market, and it was the path that really lead the company into making the amazing animated features it is known for. I also love Snow White because even with all the horrible things surrounding her, she was never able to bear ill will towards the Queen, but she was still able to make a stand and find her own happiness.

I made the pattern for the skirt based off an idea I had, and created a bustle to give it more of that victorian feel. I made an under bust corset with her colors on the fabric so I could wear a peasant blouse underneath. The bolero was modified from a pattern I owned, and I sewed the ribbons on the sleeves to create the look she has in the films. For the cape I actually lined it with fur, and wore fur boots to go back to it’s germanic roots, and it was also slightly inspired from the dwarves of Lord of the Rings. The goggles are apple shaped. One has a mirror inside of it with gems surrounding it as a tribute to the mirror and the dwarves. The other I puff painted the look of the poisoned apple and even carved a bite into it. And of course I carried a little blue bird with me to sing with!




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