2012 Captain America – USO Girl

I love the Avengers but to be honest I grew up loving Loki and Magneto way more than the actual Heroes. However, I love Captain America, especially Chris Evans portrayal. My friend Laura is known as the Captain America of our group so I asked her if she would do a plus size USO girl costume with me. She was super excited and agreed.

The reason I picked this costume was because I have always considered Captain America as one of those superheroes who always made me feel safe. And I love that historically he is from one of the time periods I constantly research. Another reason I wanted to do this costume was to learn to get comfortable in my own skin. I knew doing a plus size USO girl was risky in terms of how body-shaming minded the cosplay community can be, however, I knew if I was confident I would be able to pull it off. It was a very powerful experience and to this day it is one of my favorite costumes to wear!

The hat I actually made based off an awesome tutorial from Threadbangers.

The skirt and halter top was actually a pattern we created along with a pattern we bought from the store. And of course to complete our outfits we carried around a Captain America Teddy Bear.


Captain America USO Girls


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