2013 My Little Pony – Pinkie Pie

The San Antonio, TX anime convention is San Japan, and every year they have been hosting a masquerade. In 2012, we knew we wanted to do My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cosplay, and figured the Gala dresses would be a perfect excuse. I am actually the Pinkie Pie of the group and I really wanted to do her justice.

The reason I love Pinkie Pie so much is how fun and friendly she is towards everyone. She doesn’t see the bad in people, and if she does she tried to help them. She is the party pony who doesn’t like to see her friends sad, she is crazy, and spontaneous, and insanely random. I was able to instantly connect with her. She reminded me of myself as a child. I love cosplaying her because I get to be that carefree person again who is all smiles, hugs, and fun!

For the dress I found an old wedding dress at good will. I ended up adding the thin ribbon to the dress, along with the sequence straps you see attached. I glued on the blue bows, and made a pill box hat like the one she is wearing. When it came to the skirt. I ended up cutting out a lot of the tulle so I could replace the white fabrics  with a bunch of pink chiffon and sparkles. I took out the zipper, added grommets and made the back a lace up corset style with pink ribbon. It is probably one of the biggest dresses I’ve ever worn!

My Little Pony Gala Dresses

My Little Pony Gala Dresses

We recently went to Ikkicon 2013 in Austin, TX and knew we wanted to redo our my little ponies except do them in their normal wear. For this I ended up making a no sew tutu skirt like the ones you saw in the 80s with all different pinks. I wore a teal spaghetti strap shirt underneath, and to stick with the 80s theme I cut up a t-shirt and put sequins all around the edges. My friend made the awesome crochet leggings. And everything else I found at different stores. Again, our My Little Pony cosplay is probably the most fun.

Pinkie Pie and Rarity

Pinkie Pie and Rarity

Group My Little Pony

Group My Little Pony


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