2011 Star Wars – Queen Amidala

We went to All Con Dallas in 2011, and I was going to be participating in the Mrs. Star Wars Pageant. Although, no costumes were necessary I knew I wanted to do something as tribute to the films I grew up loving. You can see how although there is still some technique needed, the costuming skills are starting to get better. This was my first completely made costume, as in, I didn’t modify anything.

The reason I picked Queen Amidala was because she was always such an iconic figure to me. I loved her from the moment I saw her in the new films. I loved the costuming and her quiet strength. The parade dress was one of my favorite costumes because of how festive, beautiful, and graceful it was.

The tiara I made out of brackets that had diamonds on them from Michaels. I pretty much hot glued them together and had to learn the hard lesson of taping my fingers so I wouldn’t burn them. I then took apart one of the pieces of fantasy jewelry I found at an estate sale and used it for the sides. I then put the delicate chains on them as well and used bobby pins to keep them in my hair.

For the hair piece I bought a bunch of extensions and created my own hair piece. Her hairstyle is so complicated and I knew I wouldn’t have time before the con to re-create the look with my own hair. It took a lot of bobby pins, hair ties, and hot glue but I was able to achieve the look.

The back pieces took me a while. I had to put some wires together to create that bicycle wheel look. I then put sheer fabric over it and used craft foam to create the edges. I puff painted the design on the back. All in all, for the short amount of time and resources I had, I wasn’t too disappointed but I plan on re-visiting one of Queen Amidala’s more challenging outfits in my future cosplay.




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