Cruella’s Wild Ride

I love roller coasters. I love roller coasters at Disney more so because of the amazing storytelling. When considering which villain would be themed around a new Disney coaster, I thought none better than Cruella de Vil. However, I also am a fan of Disney heritage, and the name of the ride is indeed an Homage to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. We were even going to have one of the portraits in the queue lines feature Mr. Toad himself.

This photo depicts the concept for how the mansion would look like where guests would enter to line up for the ride.


The second image, was our idea for the queue line. Although, we based the design on the animated film we took the idea of her never ending revolving closet from the Live Action version of 101 Dalmatians.


This last image depicts how we envisioned the cars people would get into, along with a hidden Mickey. We were also thinking having something in the cars that talked to you so it would sound like Pongo and Perdita, Horace and Jasper, or even Cruella as you journeyed through the streets of London.



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